So the whole Anna Nicole death has thrown me for a loop. She was truly one of those people that just captured the public eye with her roller coaster life. I’m sure, even in her death, there will still be a lot of discussion and publicity surrounding her and paternity and TrimSpa and everything.

Yes, I did watch the Anna Nicole Show. It was utterly ridiculous. She was over the top and it was very weird (and fascinating), just like her death. But, I can’t help but feel a bit sad over the whole situation. She is no longer a living part of our pop-culture obsession.

I do feel bad for her little baby. That is so sad. The baby is only like 3 months old. The weird thing is that she had kept feeding into the media up until today. Just last week, they had a weeklong segment on her on Entertainment Tonight.

Just one word to explain it. Bizarre.

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