Cute cupcakes


I made a new cupcake discovery. If you dip the iced cupcakes into the sprinkles they go on much, much better. I always “sprinkled” the sprinkles on and they fell off and wouldn’t stick.

That’s one I’m going to have to keep up in noggin for further use.

I plan on displaying them on my cupcake tower, which I have yet to get out along with the other decorations I plan on putting out on the tables at our work luncheon. Ugh. There are not enough hours in the day!


  1. says

    Those cupcakes look great. I just recently found out about the dipping into the sprinkles. I could never figure out how people got those nice sprinkle rims around the edges of cupcakes – turns out the roll ’em in the sprinkles. Fabulous.

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