I’m so jealous ofElsie
. I am so in awe of her style and her design sensibility. If you go to her page and scroll down, you will see this new scrapbooking product line called Love, Elsie. I guess what I feel so jealous of is that she has her own unique look, something different and fun and so her. I don’t have a unique style. i would say I’m a pretty good designer and crafter. My style is pretty linear and can be trendy at any given moment or soft and romantic the next, but if you asked me to define my own personal style, I totally couldn’t. With Elsie, it is what it is and that it downright rocks.

Also, she is young. Like 23 or something. Wow. She’s got this innovative branding line centered around her. While I know that she’s prob. got her own challenges at times, like all of us, I just wish I had that innovative edge/that stand apart style that totally drew people in. maybe my ship just hasn’t come in yet and that’s ok…I just wish I knew a place to direct my creativity and a way to focus on the prize, whatever that may be. Maybe I just don’t need to be so hard on myself…maybe more success would find me that way.


  1. Steve J says

    Personally, I love that fact that you don’t have “one” defined style. I think it opens you up to go different directions and actually be more creative. Look through some of her designs, I think they start looking … I don’t know … stagnant.
    Your deisgns rock – they’re fresh and exiciting, and best of all unique.

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