Random rambling

Is anyone else as grossed out by the DQ commercial of the gravy being drunk through a straw? It almost seems like a fake commercial for heart disease…the grossness and all.

I don ‘t plan on watching the Super Bowl tomorrow. I have never been into it. I may watch the half-time show, but as far as the commercials go, they can always be caught later on TV or on youtube.

I really would like to accomplish some stuff tomorrow. Do something inspiring like make Valentine’s or work on a new project. I really need some help in organizing all my scrap stuff. My friend Jess keeps telling me that she will help me organize. If i could just get all my craft stuff in line, I think I would be a lot more at ease. I swear, if you aren’t a crafter, you just don’t understand. Piddly little embellishments, stickers, beads, and stuff are so hard to organize. It perplexes me.

Nothing peeves me off more than a lame tasting fountain drink. Like, I never get a good diet Pepsi from Taco Bell. You would think that I would just stop ordering it, but I don’t. I mean, fountain drinks cost next to nothing for the restaurant and to spend $1.50 on one that is so watered down that it tastes like water is just ridiculous. I think there is a conspiracy or something going on (ha). I mean, there is nothing better than a GOOD fountain drink.

If you don’t already know, I can say some off the wall/funny/perverse stuff at times, and usually it is followed by, “Just jokin.” I can’t keep a straight face. I laugh at most of my own puns or jokes. Just the way I work, but last night after I added “just jokin”, Carey said that it always sounded to her like I was sayin’ “Shogun”. I thought that was pretty funny.

I watched “Six Feet Under” today. All 3 hours of it that come on on Saturday. I was very intrigued. I have always wondered why the opening credits show that lone tree with the Six Feet Under logo drawn in below it, and I thought it was pretty neat to find out that Nate buried Lily’s body under that tree. It was pretty hard to watch. I can only imagine how hard it would be to bury a body of a loved one that had been washed up at sea. If you don’t watch this show, you totally gotta Netflix it or rent it. It is so good. The characters are so compelling.

I also watched a block of “Top Chef” tonight. I have no interest really in culinary arts. Sure, I like to cook from time to time, but I have to give it to Bravo!, they make this show pretty addictive. I love watching how they arrange the food and learning about food that I’ve never heard about in my entire life. It opens my eyes to a whole new world (not trying to get all Disney on ya). I mean, it always interests me to learn about new things and professions. I’m passionate about crafting, and it’s neat to see how others are so passionate about other things outside the realms of my own understanding. OK, I’m confusing myself now.

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