tonight tonight

Me tired. I go to bed way too late and I get up too late, too.

Oh, well.

I made some valentine cards tonite for my nephews and neice. I would post a pic; however, my camera’s usb port isn’t working…so I ordered a card reader off of ebay. It is really annoying…it just won’t connect. This happened before with the work camera, and so my boss bought a card reader. Anyway, hopefully in a few, I will have a fully operatable camera. The bum thing, though, is that my $450 dollar camera now sells on ebay for like $25. Go figure. It only is 4 megapixel, but it can do some cool stuff. I eventually want to get something that is manual and automatic. I want to be able to control the photography more digitally. sometimes this camera is annoying, cause the flash will/won’t go off, or it leaves pictures blurry.

Speaking of photos, here’s one I doctored of me and Carey from last Friday. She likes to take random pics like me and its fun to achieve different “model” looks.


We took a whole lot more. I dig it.

I enjoy the new “Top Design” show on Bravo, though Todd Oldham’s voice is kinda annoying. IT has weird inflections. I feel like this show is much better than “Design Star”, HGTV’s reality design competition, but I sometimes just don’t get how clueless some of the people can be. Do they seriously think about their client?


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