weekend update

Well, it’s been a pretty good weekend.

Friday night, Tasha and I went to the mall and to eat at Smashing Tomato (at Fayette Commons). I was underwhelmed by their pizza.

Yesterday, was John Mayer packed. Listened to his music on my way to meet my dad in E-town (had to sign some paperwork cause I’m getting a new car! Yay!) I’ll post a pic soon. Then I went to the soundcheck. Fan club members get to go to that. Pretty darn cool. John is so funny. Love him. Made a new friend there which is always cool. Her name was Wendy and she is just as much a John Mayer nerd as I am. Met up with Steven, Molly and Wendy for din din at the Rupp food court and then went to the concert. Amazing. It is my second favorite venue, but prob, my favorite JM concert experience. He is so honest and gives his fans what they want…doesn’t try to be all uppity and “too good” to not play his old stuff. Loved hearing “Don’t Stop this Train” and “Waiting on the World to Change” live. Also dug “Bigger than my Body”.




Today, I cleaned my car hardcore…the most since I have owned it…then went to an Oscar party hosted by my friend Kevin. So cool. I won the top prize for correct guesses of who was going to win the categories. I tied, actually. I think that is pretty good for someone who has only seen 4 of the movies nominated.

Anyway, good times. Gotta get to bed. Woo. I’m so not going to want to get up in the mornin’.

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