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Do you know what is annoying? I can’t post from blogger using my Safari browser. It just won’t do it…oh, and now I am typing this in using Firefox and well, if I type in a title, the program locks up (I have to go back in and edit the post to put in a title). So not cool. My computer needs some major doctoring.

I worked on a craft tonight. I am making a candle centerpiece out of a welcome type wooden sign I found at Michael’s. I am feeling more inspired away from the typical scrapbook arena these days. I want to create without limits (it having to be digital, with a photo, etc.). I want to just craft, plain and simple. I think I get so fixated on meeting publication calls or specifications, that it takes the fun out of it. The frustrating thing is that I have submitted to like 50 publications for scrapbooking and have not heard anything back on any of them. Really frustrating. I think I am a good scrapbooker, maybe I just am not doing anything unique/different. It is a really hard industry to make your mark in, cause it is so saturated and so much has been done already. Creating something truly unique is a challenge.

Anyway, I was lazy today. I did go to Wal-mart. I always end up buying way more than I intend to when I go there. But, doesn’t everyone?

I wish I was a ball of interesting topics tonight, but I’m not. I haven’t really felt compelled to blog as much these past couple weeks. Maybe it’s the weather. I don’t know. I sometimes wish I had more a Jerry Seinfeld view on life…be able to make the mundane interesting. But, I’m not much a writer and I’m not much on articulating my thoughts. It depends, but it just doesn’t come naturally to me.

I have been meaning to post this…a sign as you go into my nephew’s room…


Is this not the cutest? My nephew cracks me up!

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