The funny thing about cafepress…

I have had my cafepress shop for about a year and a half or so now. I like
that I get a check each month that covers a major bill or extra expenses.
That’s nice. It’s just funny, though the things I notice about my designs
that I upload…

For starters, I typed in knitting and my design popped up first on the
best-selling list…this one…

black shirt

This is all well and good, but considering I have sold only 1 t-shirt with
the image on it, I hardly call that a best-seller. I’m assuming the
Cafepress gods are dictating the designs that they like to fall under the
categories that they see fit. I don’t mind that mine is considered a
bestseller…it’s actually good exposure for me, I just find it funny.

I also am amused, flattered, and annoyed by the fact that several of my
original sayings are getting knocked off. For example, I came up with, “I
knit, therefore I rock!” About 2 other people have ripped that off. My
phrase, “I’ve got a glue gun and I’m not afraid to use it” has also been
ripped off by a few. Kinda makes my vindictive side want to rip off one of
their designs. I don’t take too much offense, considering that I scour the
net and in knitting books for clever sayings.


It’s not like I have a copyright on it or anything, so I guess I can’t be too miffed.

I did put up some new American Idol designs tonight. I always try to think about what I want to convey before I put it up there. I mean, I research just the right font, just the right saying, etc. I even looked up to see if Blake Lewis (the AI beatboxer) had a nickname. Next week, I’m def. going to look in the audience at the signs to get a feel for the “catch phrases” people are coining their favorite idols. It’s kinda hard to tell at this point.

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