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jm frame

I made this tonight. It’s a frame that is focused around my JM concert experience. I had printed out a variety of JM lyrics that I like, but I forgot to flip them (hence the backwards copy). It’s really no biggie. I bought the frame at Michael’s for $1. I mainly wanted to check out my Creative Versatool that I got for Christmas. It does really cool transfers. Basically, I printed a laser print off of the printer, then layed it down onto my wood and rubbed the tool over top of it. It has a flat attachment lets me rub the design on. I have discovered that heavy and dark images don’t transfer as well. Also, on wood, the grain shows majorly, so it was a learning process.

I’m going to be doing a project for Creative Techniques here in the next month or so, so I needed to find out if my idea would work. It’s all good.

I sold my car. So, next weekend I am getting a new one. It’s a 2005 Corolla CE. My dad is flying down to Florida on Sat. to get it. He’s a really good deal getter. He searched all over the internet for a good deal for me and he got a great one for me. I’ll be more excited when the car actually gets here (I’ll get it next week). He is going to put on a spoiler and alloy wheels for me. I’ll post a pic when I can. It’s a light aquaish/light green.

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