in a phase

My current crafting phase is beading. If I could only do one bead-related thing, it would be making earrings. They are the most fun and usually least tedious of my beading endeavors. I went to the bead store today. Ugh…always have intention of just spending $10, well, I spent $28. I am going to try to take some of my creations into work tomorrow…we’ll see.

Ok, just writing tomorrow, brought back a memory. When I was in middle school, in art class, we were assigned to do a poster for a local art contest. The theme was “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”. Well, my teacher, Ms. Parks just loved my design… it was of a rocket taking flight and the theme in big bubble letters. She always graded on a one to 10 scale, and I got a 10…until she discovered that I spelled Tomorrow – Tommorrow. Man, that one always messed me up. Instead of letting me try to redo it for the contest, it was disqualified and I got a 9 instead of a 10. Where’s spellcheck when you need it! Maybe it was this tragedy that forayed me into a graphic design career. With 2-D paints, drawings, etc…one slipup can ruin your project…there is no edit/undo button. I sometimes wish in life there was when you break something, trip or fall, or say something you shouldn’t that gets you in hot water. If only life worked that way.

One thing that I love doing is photo editing/correction…as if you already didn’t know that. Tasha asked me to edit some of the photos she and I took last night at Triangle Park. It was a spur of the moment trip out there after we went to the snoozefest of a bar, Yesterdays. We were about to pass out from boredom, when I suggested the impromptu photo session at the park. It was actually quite busy there at midnight. Kids and teenagers were frolicking in the water. I didn’t know that you could actually do this there, but they were. Afterwards, we went to Tolly Ho and got really greasy food. I got the french fries (krinkle cut – the best) and corn dog bites. Yum. Not the healthiest thing at 1 am, but ya know…

Anyway, here’s the pics from last night that I edited.

2 cool for school

cute tasha

charlies angels


2 wild and crazy gals

Carl told me tonight about the plans for his high school reunion. They are having tailgating, box seats at the game to mingle, 2 nights out at 4th street, a big pre-reunion dinner for those interested, and a heavy hor’ deurve party at a fairly cool sounding place. My school, on the other hand is having a dinner in our high school gymnasium. Woo! I don’t know what I expected, but we have to pay $30 (for a single person) by April 15th, and afterwards $50 if you don’t pay by that date…and it is in the gym. They said it cost that much to rent the space and for food. Seriously? I don’t get it. I just think you should get more bang for your buck. Oh,well. My friend Carey said her class had a big pre-reunion picnic, day at Keeneland, and dinner. That sounded nice as well. I guess I shouldn’t complain, just being a person who likes to plan gatherings, I think outside the norm.

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