My Toy Yoda

my corolla

Here’s my new car in all it’s glory. The color is cactus green (kinda weird if you ask me). I got it last weekend and so far I like it a lot. Don’t like payments, but ya know, you gotta do what ya gotta do. It is really clean inside right now and I intend on keeping it that way. Febreezed it today and cleaned the interior. Smells downright new!

I don’t know if any of you have this sim. circumstance, but it is like pulling teeth to find a place to give you change in quarters. I stood in line and waited patiently in Kroger today at the cashier’s desk(honestly, the only reason I went to Kroger was for toilet paper and quarters – the neccessities!) only to be told that they didn’t have enough to give me the change I needed. Then went to Joann’s and Deals and didn’t get quarters at either of those two places. I went to the sure bet – the car wash and got my dough, but man, I could have paid for a washer and dryer with the money I spent running around trying to find a place that dispenses quarters.

The weekend was pretty low key. Hung out with my bro, babysitted my cousin Jude (I always call him my nephew – he’s 4 and it is so easy for me to get confused), and I went to Charlie’s last night to play Guitar Hero a bit. Today was a Panera Run and craft store run and I watched several episodes of Arrested Development, on loan from Charlie. I like it. It has a unique humor to it, but I am not hooked yet. Maybe I need to watch a few more episodes to get into the flow. We’ll see.

Got a project into Somerset Memories this week. Kinda excited about that. I keep trudging along trying to get myself out there. It is hard work, but it will be fulfilling once I see my designs in print.


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