i am…

– someone who always pays her bills a few days late (rent supposed to be on the 1st, it gets to them the 3rd)

– someone who really doesn’t like talk on the phone. I don’t know what it is, I just find it stressful. After work, esp….I just am tired and so not in a talking mood. Oh, and I hate checking messages, too.

– a person who has to go to atleast one place during the day…even if that is through a drive-thru. I get major cabin fever. I don’t have to talk while I’m out…I just have to get out or I’ll go nuts.

– someone who spends in little increments rather than large chunks. I don’t know what’s better, but for example, my dad told me I could wait to get wheels on my new car, but I told him I wanted them right away, cause I knew that I wouldn’t do it at a later date. I don’t think I would want to shell out $500 dollars for alloy wheels for my car 6 months from now. But, I don’t have a problem with going to 3 different places in a day and spending $10 at each one on piddly crap. Go figure.

– a bad night driver. I don’t know if my prescription needs updating, but driving at night is just something I hate doing, only unless I know the road already. In fact, I don’t really like driving at all. If I go on a trip, I am fine with passing the keys off to anyone who wants to drive.

– obsessed with shelled peanuts. I would say they are right up there with chocolate. So addictive.

– not a reader of books, rather a reader of magazines. If you saw my collection, it might scare you. I really need to scour through them and rip out ideas I like, throw out the rest, and compile all the best stuff in a binder.


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