It was so rainy today. It was a nice change of pace, but I hate getting out in the rain. I’ve been wearing flip flops lately. Uh, just guess it is springtime, which means…hello flip flops! Not really a fashionable choice, but I am all about the comfort. Anyway, my flip flops didn’t fare the weather very well. Oh, and now that I have a window that actually rolls down in my car, I was so annoyed by the fact that the drive-thru lady took her precious time. Ick! I am not a happy person when I’m soaked.

Anyway, feelin’ hungry. I didn’t eat anything tonight, cause I wasn’t feeling well. Do you know that hour of no return where you feel like you shouldn’t eat, cause if you do, you will prob. gain 5 pounds. I’ll go hungry before I eat after 12pm. Only exceptions is late night Waffle House or the sort. Nothing like it. I can taste the toast with mixed jelly as I speak. Uh oh.

My random observance of the day…Holly from the “Girls Next Door” looks like Gwen Stefani or vise versa. I enjoyed Gwen’s performance on AI. I think she is the first contemporary artist that they’ve had over the years…love that Escape song…it is just so poppy and that wee-hoo part gets me every time.

Here’s a couple of the photos I just manipulated. Was in a self-portrait mood.

blurry bangs me

scary me copy


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