Too much?

I was just browsing American Idol’s website and came upon this.

They are now offering downloads of the songs sang each week on their site for 99ยข each, oh and the video for $1.99.

Whoever came up with this idea is making the show tons of money! At the same time, it kinda sickens me how they pimp these performers out just to earn an extra dime.

The show is fun and entertaining…a pop culture phenomenon. It just goes to show through the downloads, how they are feeding into the public’s “give it to me now” attitude. A couple years from now, I doubt most people will be able to even remember the name Phil Stacy. I mean, I would be able to tell you, but I have an appetite and memory for such obscure things.

Just goes to show how we feed off this pop culture crap, myself included.

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