So, I have been really good money-wise this whole week. I did go out to lunch today after I had already brought my lunch. Ugh. My co-worker wanted me to chat with a new co-worker and get to know her. This is all well and good, but I was on such a roll! This not spending money thing during the week (not even on coke from the machine!) has resulted in me drinking a lot more water, too, and that is always good.

I have been working hardcore on some new jewelry stuff. I’m trying to finish up a necklace tonight for a co-worker. I, like usual, am trying to bring in some extra moolah. I aspire to be like the Crafty Chica. I don’t know how she does it…full time job, craft columns, web sites, promotions, ebay sales, etc. I notice that her husband helps her a lot, but she is such a dynamo! I kinda wonder if she lacks sleep like me.

I really want to find my apple sticker/decal to put on the back of my car. I don’t know what it is, but I just want to proudly support my love for Mac. I think it is that perfect touch that my car needs. I’m already rockin’ the MSU license plate.

I updated my myspace page today and added some funny new vicarious shirts to my cafepress site. I have more that I am going to add, perhaps this weekend…there is just not enough hours in the day!!

Gonna get my taxes done tomorrow…I tried doing it online, but my IRA stuff confuses the heck outta me and I totally got turned up upside and down. Everyone told me that it was a piece of cake to do your own taxes, but I think if those same people saw the IRA info I got for tax documentation, I don’t think they would have been able to figure it out either.

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