I heart Martha Stewart crafts.

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I’ll admit it. I’m a dork for all things crafty. So, I’ve been hearing about the anticipated “Martha Stewart” papercrafting line and thought, “Everything in paper crafting has already been done before. What could they possibly do that is new and fresh?”

Upon visiting the Martha Stewart craft aisle, I’ll take it all back.

The cool thing that this line offers is not only scrapbooking stuff, but really cool paper crafting items like scalloped envelopes with pretty and simple address labels. They are perfect for brides and the hostest with the mostest (Lori-lyn, this means you).

The really didn’t leave anything unturned. From fabulous hanging decorations and vintage banners to cd labels and cupcake decorations, it is all so inspiring.

I don’t know really why I ever doubted it. I mean, Martha Stewart (and her craft team – I’m not dumb enough to think they she solely came up with all these ideas) has always been an innovative company and by teaming up with one of my favorite craft companies, EK Success, they have really opened up to an audience of domesticated divas who like to leave their mark on every party they plan or craft they make.

The kids crafts are adorable as well. Fun hand puppets, paper beads, charm and bracelet kits, etc. will be very entertaining and fun for mom’s to break out at birthday parties.

The only drawback I see is that some of it is a bit pricey. I don’t know if I would pay $9.99 for a kids kit, but then again, it is so gosh darn cute! If people go into the store looking for something fresh and new, they will prob. Pay a little extra for it.

Here’s some more cool things I saw in the line that I just can’t get enough of…

– Super fine glitter in a rainbow of colors
– Scalloped window keepsake boxes (perfect for a very special jewelry gift or shadow box)
– Giant sheets of paper for large paper crafting projects
– Party accents and invites in themes of Mexican fiesta and Handkerchief
– Custom cake, candy, and cupcake boxes and bags perfect for gift giving
– Stickers, stickers, stickers (so cute!)

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