so much for the weekend

Well, the weekend is officially over. I had a pretty good one. It was a “country” kinda weekend. I went to Saddle Ridge, Austin City, and Cadillac Ranch. HOOOT! I guess I can relate to each of the places, cause I am a country girl at heart. I was, back in the day, into country music and CMT and yesterday, I flipped on CMT to watch the top 20 video countdown (I actually like Bucky Covington now – go figure). Anyway, when we went to Austin City last night, I was out there dancin’ and havin’ a good ol’ time. My two friends didn’t want to dance with me, so I danced by myself and they stood by the wayside. That’s cool. I have no qualms about doing so. I just like to have a good time, and I don’t think it is weird or odd…it’s just me. Oh, and do I mention, I can do this fueled by coca colas? Yeah, a lot of people think I’m drunk even though I am not.

Other than that, went to Keeneland. Didn’t win anything. We kept throwing in 50ยข for a $2 bet between the four of us. I tell ya…long shots hardly ever work out. I will always go for the 8-1, 10-1 odds horses before I’ll go for a longshot. But what do I know, I don’t know anything about horse racing!

Tonight’s random thought:
I never quite understood the bread in the fridge concept. I hate cold, crusty bread. It just doesn’t go down the right away. Sure, maybe it stays fresh a little longer, but I don’t understand the whole preservation thing, when it only costs a little over a dollar to begin with.

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