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Need to vent a little to my blog friends out there…

I was just at Wendy’s at lunch…going through the drive thru, getting my baked potato and salad…I was also snapping some random signs (shown) and stuff documenting my experience…when…

A worker popped out the front door and asked me “What are you doing? My manager saw you taking photos”.

In a fluster, I quickly put my camera down and began to apologize (more out of shock that someone called me out on it). I know some places are weird about photos being taken…a local photographer here in Lex told me about being banned from photographing in the Goodwill (I bet that would be a treasure trove of obscure happenings). So, back to my story…I told the lady that I just liked taking photos and was doing anything “weird”.

I’m sure she thought otherwise.

Which gets me to thinking how artists, in general, feel misunderstood in society. I know there are a lot of people out there who would have no problem photographing and not worrying if people liked it or didn’t (hello, paparazzi), but I somehow feel embarrassed or bad for taking photos at this Wendy’s now. I guess it is my own insecurities as an artist or something. Even in high school and college, I loved taking photos for yearbook, but hated the stares or weird looks.

Has anyone else had an experience like this? And should I just let it roll off of me? I’m probably making a bigger deal about it in my head than it actually was.

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