Tuesday night randomness

So, I watched the final performances on Idol tonight…Blake had an unfair advantage. I don’t think it is fair that they choose one song for both the idols to sing…one that is littered with words like dream and fly and angels and birds. Blake is not a dreamy, butterfly, angel-inspired guy, so how would he ever be able to connect with the song they gave both him and Jordin to sing? Jordin, on the other hand, felt the lyrics and will most definitely be crowned the winner…not that Blake won’t win in his own way in the near future. I just think the cheesy Idol song they gave him to sing didn’t do him justice.

Onto bigger and better things…has anyone seen John Mayer’s new hair? I totally dig it. He has been in need of a haircut for a while and I like the new ‘do that he’s rockin’. It makes him much more attractive and he needed that, considering that Adam Levine of Maroon 5 has been bringin’ the sexy back and grabbin’ some attention. I think it is crazy that both John and Adam are both singers I find incredibly attractive in both their own ways, and that they both got with Jessica Simpson. Go figure.

So, I need a hair cut as well. I am really bad about getting my hair cut. I have never had a regular stylist. I go to random Great Clips, JC Penney’s, or whatever and hope for the best. I just hate having to schedule stuff and always have. I don’t know what type of look I want, but I would like a change. Seeing all these girls with cute styles is making me jealous. I keep meaning to scour flickr for some hairstyles I like (they never have my hair type in those hair-cutting magazines, since I fall in the “wavy” category, inbetween curly and straight). Ugh. Thinking about it right now kinda stresses me out.

I am going to have to reprioritize, since after tomorrow night, my shows will officially be over. Maybe it is a good thing. TV takes up way too much of my life. I can’t even imagine what I would be like if I had DVR or Tivo! I did enjoy the Office finale last week (Yay, Jim and Pam) and I thought it was a nice anti-climatic finale in the end (in real life offices, things tend to be anti-climatic, for the most part). One show that also touched me (though, I don’t think it was a season finale) was an episode of Run’s House, where Justine (the mom) lost their baby. I was crying some tears on that one. I really enjoy watching that show and seeing a spiritual, realistic family. Even though, Run is famous, I see that his kid’s respect him and that love is evident in their household…and I think Russy and Diggy are so cute.

Anyway, enough blabbing for one night. Gotta get some shut eye.

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