Sunday tales…

I have lived in KY my whole life and have never seen a raccoon up close and personal (roadkill does not count). Today, I saw a raccoon up close and personal. It was eating the cat food set out for the stray cats in my apartment building. It was a highlight in my day today.

In other events, I have a fear that many of the photos I took today might not actually turn out on my digi camera. See, I have to take the memory card out to upload my photos…I have a little usb tool that lets me put the memory card into it and it automatically uploads my photos. Well, sometimes, If I don’t push it in well enough, the photos appear on the screen as if I took them, but will not actually translate into an actual legitimate jpeg. I have to figure this out, cause I took photos of a carnival, the KY theatre, and funny/hilarious photos of my friends today (Carey, Kelly, and Kelly’s friend Derrick that better show up!) The thought of going to the effort of taking all those and now, the fact, that they might be not legit makes me sick. Dang technology.


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    Raccoons used to come into our old apartment and eat food out of our kitchen. I caught them at least three times.

    Also, Kelly found a recently deceased raccoon on the street in front of our current place. She drew some pictures and then buried him in the backyard. She’s hoping to harvest his skull in around a year or so.

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