Back from my leave of duty

Hey ya’ll swell blog readers. Yes, I have been gone for 60 or so days. Wasn’t my intent, but I’ve been busy with life and crafts and friends and family. It was all just so overwhelming and I had to take a break. It’s funny, cause just today I was asked by 3 people…”why aren’t you blogging anymore”. So, here’s a blog to shut your trap for a few days. Ha ha.

If you really want to know what I’ve been doing…

1) Crafting like a crazy lady. I’m going to have my jewelry on display at my friend Todd’s house (he lives right across from Woodland park) on August 18th and 19th. Would love for all my blog friends to stop by if they can:) Been making a lot of stuff…rings, earrings, headbands, canvases…I haven’t stopped and I won’t until that weekend. Here’s a few pics of my latest works…

Conglomeration of earrings

button rings and random rings

sequin earrings

Anyway, I’ve been staying up too late to make this stuff happen. Just last week, I finished up 84 earrings for a friend who owns a consignment/resale shop. It is in Danville and very nice. She seems to have a good marketing eye and my earrings looked very nice in her shop. They are set up on a display like this….

earrings 1

They are in all kinds of different sizes and colors. I hope they do well. She seemed really pleased with them.

Also working on some canvases and wooden purses and boxes to sell with Envirotex lite on them. I plan on putting different Lexington imagery on them…things that are cool, but also things I could sell elsewhere. Don’t want them to be too distinctively Lexington and then not be able to sell them (please bear with me…I know I just made an improper sentence, but I don’t care).

2. Been writing and designing for Creative Techniques magazine. In fact, I’m the Fall Covergirl! My piece is shown in various phases here…

Creative Techniques cover

It was all my own concept and design and I’m pretty excited. Also writing a new trend column for that publication as well that will appear every 3 months, so keep your peepers open for that!

3. Been dealing with family stuff. Unfortunately, my Grandma (she’s actually my step-GRandma, but I was close to her just like she was my Grandma) passed away a couple of weeks ago. It had been a sad and stressful time. I am still saddened by her loss, but am very thankful for the times I spent with her and every time I lay on my couch, I reach for the butterfly blanket she made for me to snuggle up in. It makes me smile everytime.

4. Also have been really focusing on me and my next step in life. I’m not going to go into too much detail, since this is a public blog, but I am making progress and stepping forward in my life journey. Being patient and proactive and keeping a positive attitude….

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. In the past couple of months I have done some other things…volunteered with teenagers, gone to IKEA (drool), explored my photographic side and made some photography friends through Flickr and gone on some photo shoots, Got a speeding ticket (yuck), reconnected with old friends, and visited with my niece and nephews. Good times.

I promise to blog again soon (and not two months from now like last time).

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