2 paint or not 2 paint

Just because I work for a paint company doesn’t mean I’m an actual good painter. In fact, I’m quite bad. The brush has never done what I want it to do. It goes errantly all over the surface and leaves me annoyed. I have never taken a professional painting class…dabbled in high school and in college. I always wanted to paint in college, but my graphic design classes always conflicted, so there went that opportunity. I am good at distressing things…if I paint a solid basecoat mixed with staining medium…it actually works quite well for me, but somehow whenever I use just paint, I rarely mix it with water (my impatience) and I always, always get dirty painty hands and touch my work, thus ruining it. Not to say that I don’t actually get stuff done…I do, but it’s prob. not as quick as other painters. I would say a lot of it has to do with the patience factor. I like the speediness of pen and ink or pencil. I actually really dig watercolor pencils and don’t have a problem with them. In fact, I like free flow stuff…stuff I can’t control, but give me a brush and a bottle or can and watch out…it’s going to be a mess….which is why I don’t think I should actually paint the walls in my house. I’m libel to miss something and I find it really excruiating and boring. I like the end result, but asking me to paint it back is like torture…seriously.

I guess this is why I should stick to jewelry and graphic design – man, I can paint like no other with the Photoshop paintbrush tool.

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