it figures

it figures
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So today at lunch, I had written on my new online organizer 30 boxes that I was going to mail off my submission contract for Creative Techniques. Something that should be very, very easy to do, but in Alexaland, easy sometimes isn’t in my vocabulary…here’s what went down…

I was feeling a little peeved that they don’t allow us to send US mail from our company mailbox. Guess someone was getting out of hand or someone didn’t want to deal with it. So, I had to go to the Post office, which is a couple of miles away. No biggie…right? Well, I realize that I don’t have an envelope to mail my contracts and I furiously searched in my office drawer for some to no avail. I even looked in the Fedex/UPS drawer in the hallway to see if some were stashed there. Also no luck. I then figured I could get one at the post office, but I didn’t want to spend 50¢ or some astronomical price for a envelope. A thought came in my head…Why not go to the Dollar General next door and get a whole boxful? So, I went to Dollar General and get a boxful (also had to look around at the jewelry and hair accessories…I’m always on a mission to find cheap goods to take apart and embellish). OK…I had my my envelopes, but now I needed to buy a stamp. Well, I looked in my glove compartment to retrieve the ones I purchased a few weeks ago…what do you know? They weren’t there! I always have this way of intending to leave basic things like deposit slips and stamps in my car and always, without a doubt, take them inside my house and leave them. So, I scrounged around in my purse to fetch 41¢. I found 20¢ and another two nickels in my car to make a grand total of 30¢. UGHHH! The only other money I had were some pennies residing in a little tray that had unfortunately been attacked by a melted jar of lip gloss. No way was I going to use those. Well, I searched under my seat and under everything in my car and I found nothing! IF I wanted to mail this envelope off, I was going to have to use those pennies and since I had invested 30 or so minutes into the operation…I wasn’t going to let sticky pennies stop me! Well, I figured I could just wipe the pennies off with a napkin, but go figure, I didn’t have a napkin in my car, so I wiped them on a backseat rug mat that is barely used. Grr. Kinda gross, I will admit. Then, I realized that in my frantic search for a few cents, I had somehow cut my knuckle and was bleeding. Also very gross. Finally, I had a gloppy 41¢ in my hand….I took my money to the Post Office, deposited it into the slot and got my overpriced stamp in return.

It’s definitely not easy being me sometimes.


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    Sounds like a grand time.

    We all have those moments.

    Is lipgloss an effect antiseptic?

    Sidenote: Probably no good to reply to me here…

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