My life 8-31-07

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Nothing new much in my world. I am working away at work updating our photo log. I have numerous photos that I take of things that I have to log onto our server. Everything from painted boxes to canvases to shirt designs go in there. I’m not very good – on a day to day basis – of keeping up with it, but today is a lazy Friday and a good day to catch up on stuff I have put to the wayside.

I am going home this weekend. I will get to see my nephew and neice as well ast my ‘rents. Mom said that they are going to pick pumpkins and popcorn and that sounds like good, simple fun. It’s the little things I get excited about these days. Used to sit in my room and be bummed that I didn’t get to go anywhere as a kid, but even though I have a small bit of that still inside of me (if I’m home alone all day, I have to go through the drive thru to say I “got out”). I enjoy being at home, crafting, watching tv, just doin’ my thing more now that I’m older. Naps are a luxury (for those with kid’s – sorry if you’re thinking “Just wait”.).

Just thinking about fall does make me excited. I love the fall air…the chill that it has. I also love the colors and pumpkins and apple cider and cinnamon and of course, Halloween. There’s something just so spirited about it. Only 21 days until the official start of fall, but is anyone else in agreeance that fall seems to unofficially start mid August? I guess school always reminds me of fall.

10 years ago, I was starting college. That was an exciting time. I guess the reason I was reminded of it is because it is the 10th year anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. I still remember being in my friend, Mike Spence’s room and hearing the news on his television (actually he had two televisions – crazy, I know, but he had the bomb accomodations, cause he was handicapped). Anyway, we had just finished watching Evita and was talking about her in relationship to Princess Di and the news of her accident, then supposedly “breaking her arm” came on. The news that followed was just so sad. I guess of the world events that happen in your life that are monumental, that has to be one of them.

Onto happier stuff, I am now selling my jewelry at Isle of You in Lexington, so if you live around these parts, you will have to stop by. Lori, the owner, is my friend through the great Blog group that Lori-Lyn started. Our blog group is really fun, enriching and sociable and very creative. We all seem to be very intuitive and enlightened…but also very much about making our own path and achieving goals. Very cool. I took pics of our meeting last night, but the camera monster struck again. GRRRRR! I don’t really have money to buy a camera right now, but man, do I need a new one. The Olympus has just about bit the bullet, though I will say, it still does take some decent pictures.

Well, back to the grind. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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