Here in the Real World

In my ongoing reality fascination, I have become addicted to the Hills on MTV (I even watch the after show online…an after show, really?). It’s pretty funny, actually, cause if I watch the show, nothing really happens. Nothing really happened on Laguna Beach, either, but somehow the beauty of the cinematography sucks you in. In fact, I think the cinematography is the star of that show, forget Lauren Conrad or Heidi and Spencer. When I watch it, I notice the subtleness of the looks that they give and I wonder if I were actually filmed, would you be able to piece together a compelling story about me? Well, probably not, but I’m just sayin’…

A show based on my life would be pretty boring, actually. I guess it would be about this crazy/scatterbrained girl who doesn’t know where she is going or what exactly it is that she wants to do, mixed in with a little DIY craft lessons and that occasional glimpse of the opposite sex and the her unattainable quest for it. Yeah, that’s what it would be. I wouldn’t have a kooky neighbor…my boss would be pretty boring and not “lively” and controlling or neurotic like boss’s you see on tv (don’t get my wrong – my boss is a cool guy, but drama free). My co-workers would be a hoot, but that would be the extent of it. Yeah, it would be pretty boring.

I always used to want to be on the Real World, but I’m past the age limit of 25 now and the Real World of yesterday isn’t what it is today. Man, loved me some Real World back in the day. My friend Cody and I always argued over who would make it on the Real World – me or him. I thought I had the whole sheltered, country, naive girl thing down pat and he had this is he gay or not/artist in a little pond vibe to him mixed in with punk. Looking back, I think he would have made it over me. He’s too old for it now too, but he’s in a crazy punk band now and illustrated the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs “Fever to Tell” album.

I don’t know why I’m going on about this. I don’t think I would want the scrutiny from being on TV. Life on a reality show is so not what it is cracked up to be…and with the internet, chat rooms, forums, blogs,etc., etc….people rip you to absolute shreds and my self-esteem would be in the gutter.

I guess I just prefer life the way it is…yeah, there’s still may be a camera around, but I can atleast control what you can and can not see of me. And there’s always Photoshop (my version of glam cinematography).


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    Hello. I was wondering if you could help me? I have created a banner on my photoshop and have tried to upload it into the header of my blog. IT WON”T WORK!! I am so frustrated. Do you know the secret to uploading a banner? Hope you can help . . .

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    The Hills is my guilty obsessive show that I would never admit to watching. I honestly don’t know WHY I watch it and I cannot even tell if it’s scripted or actual reality. If it IS scripted, it is the worst bit of acting, eh?
    The downside to not telling anyone i watch it is not being able to talk about it-:)

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