I don’t want the weekend to be over.

I had a great weekend and tomorrow is my b-day. I could have taken off tomorrow, but I decided to use the day I get for another time, but I kinda wish I was off anyway tomorrow.

My co-workers are planning a lunch for my b-day tomorrow at the park. All kinds of random good things to eat. Yum. I’ll try to get some pics of it tomorrow.

It’s almost 12 o’clock and I’m still awake, and by awake, I mean, I want to do something crafty. But I will pay tomorrow and I better just hang it up and get my bath and head off to bed.

I have no clue as to what I want to be for Halloween. I like being pop culture figures, cause they are funny and I can really do ’em up, but this year, there’s no one I really want to do (I did Britney last year, though I could go again as her with a bald skull cap, huh?). No, I really don’t know what I want to be. Last year, I worked it and still didn’t win (Honestly, I was robbed-seriously). So winning the contest is a popularity contest anyway. Oh, well…maybe I just won’t stress over it.

I took a few photos tonight after watching Rock of Love. Bret chose Jess (he’s 19 years older than her)…I think they make a cute couple and I thought she was the coolest one of them all.

OK, onto my photos…

I chose this over Desperate Housewives…

The terrific two and Bret dine

My halloween ornaments make an appearance…

ornaments I made

My living room is in order for the first time in a long time and I lit some candles…

candlelight glow


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    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day. I love those ornaments! We watched Rock of Love, too. We rooted for Jes from the beginning, but let me ask you. Was Bret’s diabetes ever mentioned until last night? If it was, we must have missed it. This is sort of a rambling, random comment…but it’s your birthday! Whoo!

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    I think he mentioned it when he was talking to Rodeo earlier in the season about her son’s ailments (ultimately why she left the show). A random comment! That’s perfect for my b-day.

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