The road never traveled

Do you ever go through that lull in your life, where when someone asks you…
“What have you been up to?”, all you can say is work and then spit out a couple of other useless things? Like seriously, where does all my time go? I mean, I craft a lot and watch tv and stay up late on the internet, but is this what I call a life? It really makes me sound like I live a very unfullfilled existence. I do do things I like to do, but I don’t have much of a social life (though, this past weekend, I did hang out a lot and do stuff with friends). I’ve neve been one of those people to have whirlwind escapades or getaway trips to far off destinations. I’m pretty boring, actually.

I think it would sometimes be nice to not have the responsibilities of work life and to be more carefree and feel more day to day satisfaction, but I guess I just get in this rut (the rut I think I’ve been in my whole life). My family never really went on vacation and as a kid, my summer trip involved going to Mammoth Cave (WOO!). I have never traveled out of the country, the farthest west I have gone is St. Louis and the most travel-worthy place I have been is New York City. I just seem to lack this sense of travel and exploration. I don’t know if I will ever have a sense of it and that’s kinda sad.

Never been a road-trip girl or one for quickie “weekend getaways”. I sometimes think I really need to loosen up.

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