I should be cleaning, packin’, bath attackin’, but I’m bloggin’ and I don’t care.

i am going home today. This is all good. Actually looking forward to it. My niece and nephew will be there. Yay. Love those kids.

I have another bit of good news…I have heard about this place called Street Scene next to coffee times…well, I stopped in right after work yesterday and perused a bit. I was going to wait to go with Lori-Lyn, but my co-workers were even asking me if I had been yet and I was like, NO! I had to check out what all the rage was about. So, the little marketer that I am, I put on one of my button rings. I wasn’t going in there to hock my wares. No, I just wanted to check it out, but the girl behind the counter was like, “I like your ring”, to which I said, “I made it”. I conveniently had some more of them out in my car, so I went out to get them to show to the owner and other ladies and they loved them! Now they want to feature them in their store!!! I’m super excited. Sometimes it seems that crap things happen in a row, but here lately good things have been happening. I’m going to work up some new designs, hair clips, pins, etc. and present some more in a couple weeks. Hey now! I also bought a cool yellow ice bucket, number earrings, and a gift for Stefan (Steve, as he is appropriately called) for Christmas. Holla!

I went last night to the Blue Moon (Note: this place has gotten a little swankier-who would have thought?, despite them tying in the name Paparazzi’s with Blue moon – boo.lame.) with Tasha and Lisa. Admittedly, I didn’t have it together last night…first off I drove to Tasha’s and stopped by the ATM to get money out only to realize I forgot my wallet at home…so I drove back home and ultimately met them at the bank next to the club…then I locked my keys in my car (I had my ID, camera, money, what else did I need). Grrr…$60 (yes, $60 later, thank the Lord for that $400 from my craft publications), I was on my way, despite the set back. It was a mini bachelorette celebration for Lisa, who is getting married next week. She’s a cutie. We danced (I even danced with a cute 23-year old – go me). Anyway, I took pics (you wouldn’t expect me not too, would you?)…

Love this one of Tater Tash.

Dig this one and the reflection as well.
bar still life

This one reminds me of an watercolor painting.
watercolor conversation


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