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It’s too late to be up. I’ll admit it. It’s 2 am and I’m up. But, considering I slept from 7-11, I think it’s ok. Two days in a row that I’ve done this. Something must be seriously wrong with me.

On the motivation front, after I woke up at 11, I made 6 pairs of earrings. I have a friend in Danville who owns a shop and is wanting fall/halloween items. I told her that I would bring them in like 3 weeks ago and here it is 3 weeks later. I’m bad about things like this. I had that Street Scene stuff take over and I should’ve stayed on top of other stuff. Go figure. I did get my first check from the Danville shop and made $42, so that’s not so bad.

I can’t believe fall is almost here! It is my favorite time of year. Love the smells, colors, holidays. Yum. My favorite thing about fall is pumpkins and pumpkin scents. In fact, the other day, I had a pumpkin spice latte from Thornton’s. Rivals Starbucks, if I do say so (and much cheaper). You should seriously check it out if you are so inclined.

I’ve been on a caffeine-almost-free diet for the past two days. I drink way too much and need to stop. It’s not good for my health. Maybe that is why I’m sluggish as well…I’ve been getting those withdrawel headaches (not fun), but I’m sure they will pass in the next couple of days. It’s hard, especially when the craving is so strong. Man, Sprite or 7-up just doesn’t cut it for me. Does anyone have any good alternatives?


  1. Steve says

    Two days of big naps and two day with no caffeine. See the connection babe? Oh and I posted a long comment on your 9/17 blog. Where is it?

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