Yes, I watched the performance…the whole time I just sat there thinkin’, “Come on, girl, you got it in ya,” but I guess she didn’t.

The outfit wasn’t the best choice. A nice corset would have looked hot, but she is not FAT! I would kill for a body like that. She’s not toned like she used to be, but she used to not have kids and I’ve heard that does a number on you.

I will not give up on her, though. I think she just needs some more time and hopefully reconnects with her family and gets the help/support she needs.

But, yeah, we’re all talking about her, and it was the best thing about the VMA’s (I really was upset by Sarah Silverman, but I guess that’s her thing).

In other news, selling my jewelry (a whole slew of earrings, rings, necklaces, even and envirotex purse) at Street Scene next to Coffee Times, here in Lexington. Anyone who lives here should totally check it out…it’s a neat shop…vintage, fun finds and nostalgic flashbacks. I dig.

In fact here’s a graphic I did with some earrings I bought there (click on pic for full story).



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    A fascinating thing: I read that Kanye (who I am crazy about btw) was furious over it, too, and said that he’d never perform for MTV again. The gist was, he thought (and I’ve read this other places) that they —MTV— callously let her hang herself out there. Merely for ratings. Or something like that. He was pissed about some “not enough Kanye” things, too, of course.

    I’m torn over brit. On the one hand she’s built this weird sex-kitten image that’s a bizarre fabrication and completely absurd. And she’s being allowed — no, encouraged— to crash and burn in public. For the same ratings that the sex-kitten thing was designed to grab. My biggest concern, I guess is how nihilist the tv infotainment industry can be to an actual human being, even if that human being is as clueless as Brit seems to be. (on the other hand, I don’t think you can actually become that famous being that much of a rube, in general. I think you kind of have to be a certain kind of smart to get famous.)

    But for them to basically say: “Go on out there (and destroy yrself)! I feel like that’s a continuing indicator of the depths of tv depravity. And yes, I’m talking to you, reality tv.

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