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I found this questioneer on Kristin’s blog. It kinda goes along with this feature report on ABC that “Bob and Sheri”, the morning show I listen to on the way to work had been talking about. They were talking about summing up your current state of mind in 3 words. This I guess, is an extension of that, of course in list form, but hey, lists are fun (even though I desperately need to go to bed).

Where is your cell phone?: in my purse
Husband?: single for life?
Hair?: trim desperately needed
Your mother?: real or step?
Your father?: talks a lot
Your favorite item?: can’t pick one
Your dream last night?: I don’t remember
Your favorite drink?: I’m a Pepper
The room you are in?: My messy office
Your fear?: dying of cancer
What do you want to be in 10 years? happy with passion
Who did you hang out with last night?: Chit chatty co-workers
What are you not?: prim and proper
One of your wish list items?: new digital camera
What time is it?: late, as usual
The last thing you did?: uploaded flickr photos
What are you wearing?: cotton shorts, shirt
The last thing you ate?: yummy caramel corn
Your life?: slowly making progress
Your mood?: tired and contemplative
Your friends?: mean a lot
What are you thinking about right now?: bra bothering me
Your dream car?: could care less
What are you doing at this moment?: thinking too hard
Your relationship status?: Single and available
What is on your TV screen?: nothing at moment
Last time you cried?: after Doctor’s visit
School?: Out, thank goodness.

Either post a link to your blog with your answers or copy and paste this into a comment. Come on, be creative … just for a few minutes. Then you can get back to important things.


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    Thanks for participating! Admit it, it was fun, right?!

    On a serious note, I hope everything is OK … you said you cried after a doctor’s visit.

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    Everything is ok. I was having a pain in my chest and I immediately think cancer, but in reality it was just too much caffeine. I had it checked out and I’m ok, and I cut back on my coke drinking.

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