my favorites

my favorites
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I love flickr and everything you can do with it. Actually, flickr and partner up and you can create little mosaics like this one. These are various photos prob. over the past 2-3 months that I have found of particular interest. As you can probably tell, I love color and that is what is most appealing to me and the things I favorite the most…I think the funny thing is that a lot of the things I favorite are a true reflection of me (well, duh!), but really! For example, I love and seek out the following in life:

1. Pumpkins, of course
2. Neon Signage
3. Bright, colorful jewelry and charms
4. Carnivals and carnival graphics
5. Candy
6. Colored glass
7. Baked goods
8. Human emotion

Anyway, that’s me. If I had to pick from these you see to be my absolute favorite, it would probably the green swirtshirt and heart that my friend Chris took (titled Chris: Day 210 of 365 in the line up below) and the carnival game players (Play Great Big) taken, I think at the KY State Fair.
Click on the links below to see the photos in full detail.

1. Untitled, 2. Lampalicious, 3. Big Bright Door, 4. The Flaming Lips, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Phone Sessions, 8. Balls, 9. Batter, 10. Pumpkin Harvest, 11. Don’t Put the Cart before the Horse, 12. (Heart), 13. Mini Pumpkin, 14. Pom Pom Chaos, 15. Tour Eiffel Rose, 16. A Farewell to Tupperware, 17. Neglect, 18. pumpkin*time, 19. Shoes, 20. Rainbow Collection, 21. Lime Squiggle, 22. Untitled, 23. Chiromantic Landscape, 24. pink+orange, 25. Queer Beer, 26. Play Great Big, 27. Wheeee!, 28. "Now where is Pappy?", 29. Pumpkin Lanterns, 30. emma, 31. my*pretties, 32. What May Likely Be The Most Depressing Picture I’ve Ever Taken, 33. need i say more -final stage, 34. Chris: Day 210 of 365, 35. Loneliness Loves Company, 36. this is me… 18/31

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