photography fool

Today I took lots of pictures…at work, on the way home from work, shopping, etc.

I was in some weird creative zone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to blogging, so all you get is the pics. Enjoy 🙂

Gourds at the roadside stand on HWY 27
3 for a $1

Faux fall florals
so not real

Crafts: It doesn’t do a body good.
crafts before dark

And all topped off with a cute outdoor kitty.
Cats like flowers too.


  1. Steve says

    I wish I had the patience and talent to take photos like you do.
    They always look so good.
    I think it’s so cool to capture your day in photos. There are so many little things we see on a daily basis we never commit to memory – like the kitty you saw. But when we have photos, it’s captured forever. Really cool.

  2. says

    I know you are busy, but I think photography would be something you would enjoy if you were open to it. I think it is way to express yourself creatively and for me, it’s more about capturing the little things than anything else. It really doesn’t take too much extra time, but it is def. cool to look back on. If I had had a digital camera in college, I would have taken so many pics for yearbook!!

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