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Sometimes writing is painful for me. If I’m on a roll, like posting a blog, it is ok, but just like writing a paper or article in school, writing something simple like a friendly e-mail or telling someone what I’ve been up to can be really hard for me to do. I just had a friend write me today and ask me what I’ve been up to. It’s so hard for me to sum that up in two paragraphs. I can give them the basic – work and crafting, new TV, etc. but that’s so impersonable and I am a personable person. I guess what’s so hard is just getting over the mild dread of having to do it. In fact, I’m feeling this dread at the moment concerning two articles for a magazine that are due in two weeks. I know that I should get started and be proactive, but finding that energy to do it is just so hard. If I’m under stress, I tend to push it out. I’m not one of those people; however, that can pull out great masterpieces under stress. I totally wing it. I get by (according to my standards). I’ve always done this…did it in school and have never really changed that behavior pattern. I guess if I want to be successful, it’s something I’m going to have to overcome at some point, cause to be efficient and on top of things, you just can’t be that way (only unless you half a staff – and I don’t think that’s going to happen).

OK, I’m tired and I don’t feeling like writing anymore. It’s not painful, I’m just pooped.


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    true dat!

    i salute you for hitting on the zeitgeist of emailing! Mine is backing up even as we speak; I answer the business ones and leave the personal ones for “when a have a minute to really focus.” Which never comes..

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