Universally known

I think there are things in pop culture that we all identify with, on the internet, inparticular.

Do you ever wonder who exactly those guys and gals are that are used in those classmates.com ads? Do they still get recognized? Is that one girl Rachel Ray (it sure does look like her). And did that guy really marry her???

What about those little guys dancin’ a jig? I am sooooo fascinated by them. I don’t know what it is, but I love ’em. At first, it was a big booty girl shakin’ her thang in a Applesque black silohouette sp?, but now they are more animated into little characters. I think this all started with that Ally McBeal dancing baby. Anyone with me?

Have you ever actually made a Zwinky? I sure haven’t, though I am intrigued a bit.

I’m still one of those people that have never clicked clicked on that annoying NetFlix ad (I just don’t sit down to watch movies, only unless they are on network TV on a Saturday, no need for Netflix).

Google, I’m onto you. I can tell the difference between a real search entry and those search entries that businesses pay you to promote. You’re not foolin’ me.

What things have you found on the web to be amusing or annoying like the ones I’ve mentioned?

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