Will you accept this rose?

I just found myself actually enjoying watching “The Bachelor” on ABC. How can this happen??? Maybe it is me having withdrawal from “Rock of Love” or maybe it is that this bachelor actually seems somewhat appealing. The one thing that drives me bonkers about this show; however, is that every commercial break ends up with the host saying…”Right after this, find out who is going to be chosen to go on to possibly become the bachelor’s wife”. Gag.me.with.a.spoon. I don’t know how many woman actually can take this show seriously (I just view it as pure entertainment) after time and time again the relationships from this show dissolve the minute the tape stops rolling. Geez. I swear, tonight I heard the phrase “I’m falling love with him” atleast 5 times. Why oh why do I watch this crap and why oh why do I care to even watch this artificial drama? I need some medication and quick!


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