it’s the little things…

I try to go online when I can and promote myself. Whether it be a blog on here, a project uploaded to Craftster or a photo added to a pool on flickr. I make the rounds…so I had a nice little surprise a few minutes ago when I happed upon my work on Adorn’s web site. A few months back, I got totally enthralled by their button issue. I never realized i had such a passion for them. Anyway, they have a section on their site for sharing their Adorn-inspired projects, and 2 of my photos were chosen from the flickr pool. My projects are the hand with the button rings and striped rug in the background and the colorful button bracelet on the white starburst paper. It’s nice to know that someone notices my work. I swear, you really try hard to promote your stuff in the hopes that someone notices. It seems that sooo many people are on the web these days posting their crafty wares, so sticking out in any way is a good thing.

I worked on a cool bangle bracelet tonight. I had several projects in mind that I wanted to do, but atleast I accomplished one crafty thing. Did the finishing touches while I watched “I LOVE NEW YORK 2”. Geez…those shows are so trashy and good.

I went to Hobby Lobby tonight and managed to get out of there spending only $2.94…I bought the bangle bracelet with charm holes, some T wooden letters to make a crafty necklace for my neice, and a bag of random ribbon for 99ยข. Score! I forgot how much fun bags o’ ribbon were. I used to snatch them up in my hairbow makin’ days.

I am excited for this weekend, cause my crafty 6-year old neice, Taylor, is going to spend the night with me…so I plan on organizing some fun projects for her. Also, going to take her to her favorite restaurant, Fazoli’s (she loves the breadsticks). Hey, I credit her for not saying McDonald’s like all the other kids.

Well, off to bed. I was actually on time at work today, but getting back into my burning the wick at both ends routine. It’s bad, but I’m just more creative at night, what can I say?

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