Feelin’ Earthy

bracelet and earring set
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I just typed a long blog only to have my program lock up on me. Boo…

This is my creation for the night. I’m happy with it. The natural/earthy look came through (based on the assignment I was given by a friend). It’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment on a project well done. I don’t know how painters do it. I like being able to whip something up in an hour, photograph it, and upload it and throw it out to the universe. Something very satisfying about that, if you ask me.

Something also very tiring about it…speaking of, I’m outtie.


  1. says

    Thanks. That is sweet of you. YEah, they are disgusting. Maybe it just goes back to crafting takes all your time and you don’t have time to clean. That’s my story. HA!

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