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I decided to browse Etsy for a while. I am in absolute love with the creativity that comes out of that site! It’s not only great to see creations, but it is inspiring as well…I get so many ideas to add to my list. Have I mentioned that I want to do resin jewelry at some point (not that it hasn’t been done already, but I just want to see the possibilities of it with my photos). I’ve dabbled around with Envirotex Lite some, as seen here, but, I digress.

Etsy is just so freakin’ cool and I pulled some of my favorite and most clever finds I found while browsing. I hope you like them too!

Speaking of resin, Stoopidgerl’s Shop is filled to the brim with all kinds of colorful and funky resin creations. I really dig this 80’s flashback necklace and the supercute candy sprinkle ones as well. Also, how freakin’ cool is this print?

Always a sucker for soaps, so bologna sandwich soap by Simply Soaps cracked me up. Love the shape and the kitsch factor and it even smells like pink grapefruit (which I love as well).

This ribbon wand made me drool as a child. Actually, I purchased one like this (at a store) last year for my neice. Had I known I could get it from the Ribbon Wand Shop, I would have been all over that!

Love daytime soaps or pop art? This pop art soap opera wristlet by Smitten Originals will be right up your alley. You can start some serious drama (mama) wherever you go!

The coffee lover in your life will love this coffee corset. How super cute would it be to wrap around your cup of joe? JennGee has definitely made the perfect coffee accessory.

I just adored this porcelain octopus necklace at Poopsie’s Shop. The other super fun jewelry designs in porcelain on this site(some with rhinestone bling) will be sure to make you smile.

I came upon these great recycled phone wire bracelets by Courtney Watson yesterday on Flickr. At only $3 a pop (what a steal!!), they would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for all your girlfriends!

And finally, if you know me, I love anything that pertains to pop culture, so this fabulous Patsy Cline cd case struck a cord with me. From Artyfakt’s Shop, This would be perfect for that music lover in your life or just as a cute tote to bang around in.

What cute stuff have you found on Etsy?


  1. Courtney Watson says

    Thanks for the link love! I do custom bracelets, too, so let me know if you have any wild color combos you are thinking of. (:

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