My lame blog attempt turns out halfway decent afterall!

I apologize in advance for the next few lame-ola paragraphs I’m about to spew.

OK. I admit it, I struggle with the whole blog thing. I want to come up with thes incredibly witty, thoughtful, inspiring blog entries, but usually, I just sit in front of my computer for an hour trying to think of a topic, experience, or area of interest that I think others will find inspiring. As Brit Brit would say, “It’s hard, y’all”.

So, like back in Ms. Johnson’s 5th/6th split class, I wish when I couldn’t find a blogworthy topic, I could just type in…”I am writing in my blog, I am writing in my blog, etc., etc.”. Actually, in her class you had to write…”I am writing in my journal, etc.”, but you get the point.

So today, I’m just going to post some fabulous web sites I’ve visited over the past couple of days. Maybe you will find them interesting, maybe you won’t, but I did blog something and something has to be said for that, right?

Noah K. Everyday is a fascinating look at this guy Noah Kalina. I know nothing about him, other than the fact that he taken a photo of himself everyday for the past 7 years or so. Check out his youtube video where he ages over the course of 6 years. Just intoxicating, fascinating, and kinda haunting (maybe it’s just the music, but I don’t think so).

I came upon this cool shop called Atypyk filled with all kinds of fun goodies. I lurve really humorous gifts as well as things that graphically speak to me (after all, I’m a graphic designer). This Miss World t-shirt spoke to me (SO FUN!), as well as these Techy adhesive Post-it knockoffs

There’s some fabulous gift ideas to be found at Hostess with the Mostess™ This blog design is so much fun (I’m a sucker for color, always have been, oh and a little bit of girly flair). I was especially fond of their product suggestions like these Mod Ornaments, Marilyn mug set (to match my Marilyn glasses, and these Rainbowtastic plate collections.

Lastly, if you want a little shock to start or end your day, check out this flickr photoset of Lenora Claire’s Golden Gals Gone Wild gallery show. But enter at your own risk, some of the photos are pretty shocktastic. You will never think of Bea Arthur or Betty White (who made a funny cameo on last night’s Ugly Betty, BTW) in the same light again!


  1. Steve says

    So I just wanted a good 2 hours at. Thanks for the site ideas. THink I might be doing some shopping online this weekend.

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