No Crafty Power for Me

I don’t know about you, but I’m in that weird “After the holidays” mood. It’s the mood, where you just feel down-right directionless. I guess it is because I don’t have any major pressing projects. Well, actually, I have some on the horizon, but my focus just isn’t there quite yet.

Over the holidays, my mom and I did work on a project submission for Creative Techniques. So, that was positive. We make a pretty good team. She has a lot more of the technical know-how and I have a lot more of the computer/step by step know how. It’s going to turn out really neat and is a nostalgic-like project, so stay tuned.

I did take some photos over the holidays…here’s just a few:

spiral staircase
This is a photo of the spiral staircase at my parent’s house. It was always an amusement for kids.

ky theatre closeup
Went to see Sweeney Todd on Christmas night. It was amusing. I can’t say, though, that it is my type of movie. Dark and gory.


My mom is a serious sewer. Here’as a portion of her thread that is organized on the wall. She’s very talented.


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