Swell Holiday Tissue Paper Ornaments

So this is my last ornament Thursday post. While it has been fun, this week was more stressful than the rest. I actually am showing an ornament I did a few years back, but it’s still pretty cute. I basically took decorative tissue paper and ripped it up into small pieces. I used Mod Podge to coat the tissue paper pieces and I adhered it to a glass ornament. I have also done this before with those subversive Ann Taintor tissues (any type of thin tissue or napkin will work as well for it). I had used some cute pink and black “Swell” tissue paper from Target a few years back (for the record, I neve copied that name…in 1999 or 2000 I designed my resume (it has been update a bit since then illustratively) with the phrase “She’s Swell” running down the side. So, when I saw the line in Target, I was pretty bummed. I don’t really expect you o believe that I didn’t rip that name off, but I didn’t. And I’m SwellDesigner, so that’s just a bit different.

swell ornament

I also made this ornament, which also used silver and gold tissue paper. I used tacky glue and embellished this one with silver seed beads and silver sequins for a sparkly holiday look…

beaded tissue paper orn

I feel numb. I’ve been making jewelry for the past 4 hours. Watched tv for a bit, but the last hour it was off…it’s weird being intense about something and coming out of it afterward. A strange sensation. I wish I could conjure up some insightful thoughts on the subject, but I don’t have any.

I made 4 sets of new jewelry (going to try to sell it at work tomorrow – a co-worker asked me to bring stuff in). Also finished off another 4 sets to give to a friend. I had to put it all in little baggies, put earring stoppers on the back…stuff like that. I’m going to give it to her tomorrow. Admittedly, I need the holiday cash.

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Brandy Lung Gill


  1. says

    Miss Alexa

    These are delightful!

    I never for a moment even thought about the Target Swell thing, so do not worry yourself at all. It’s not like they own the word Swell!

    You rock, crafty sista.

    Miss Margot

  2. says

    Great ornaments! Love the silhoutte paper–so girlpower (and swell!).

    I know how you feel about the “fog” that you sometimes have to come out of after intensity. My crazy suggestion is go do something totally different. Read a book, do a puzzle, something absolutely opposite.

    Good luck and Happy Holidays!

  3. says

    I love tissue paper for decoupage because it’s so lightweight and translucent.

    I’m with Linda on doing something different to get some mental space. Go for a walk, see a movie at the theater…

  4. says

    BEAUTIFUL!!! They’re both so different–you really ARE a SWELL designer. GREAT word for a GREAT gal doing GREAT work! (I didn’t know Target had a swell-something). As for the “numb thing,” I think you’re in good company! We’ve all been there–as artists, as women. I love that feeling of losing track of time–but not when I’m pressuring myself to get-it-all-done. Be gentle with yourself…so easy to say, so hard to do! Sending you BIG SMILES & BEST WISHES, 🙂 H.

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