it figures

So, I was all excited this week to get some moolah in the mail from publication, cafepress and my jewelry sales at local stores. But tonight, while going through some bills (which I have been putting off for a while), I noticed I had a bill for a whopping $214.00 for a special doctor visit a few months back. On top of which, I still need to renew my car tags, as well as pay another small medical bill. Grr. I guess it is good that I have the money now to take care of such things, but the last thing I wanted to do with it was pay bills. Such is life, huh?

I’m looking forward to getting back a crafty pottery hand to display fun rings and jewelry. Here’s a pic of it pre-painted. I will be sure to post a pic when I get it…should be done firing any day now. YAY!

let the painting begin

OK, time for some random thoughts:

1. I have been really craving as of late sour cream and onion pringles (love the way it crunches in my mouth) and Chocolate Turtle Chex mix. That chex mix is so addictive. I can eat the whole bag in one sitting (should I admit that?). The caramel corn and caramelly rice chex are to die for. OK, I’ll stop drooling on my keyboard now.

2. I met a kitschy/cool designer named Suzie Millions at CHA that you have to check out. SHe is one of those truly original, true-to-herself type of women. She has a great new retro book that she did all the illustrations for (like old cookbook illustrations) and it features all kinds of authentic retro crafts, which is right up my alley.

retro craft

check it out here:

3. I am going to an 80’s dance on Saturday night and I plan on wearing my cool pair of kicks that my friend, Carey, bought for me a couple years ago. Also going to wear some hella cool earrings I bought at Street Scene (where I sell my jewelry). Just have to find an outfit now!

old school reeboks

80s earrings

4. Speaking of the 80’s, check out the article I did in Creative Techniques magazine. Actually, this here and now column will be a regular quarterly feature that I will be doing, so check it out.


5. I got to come home from work early today. The weather is icy and freezy here in Kentucky. Yuck. I came home to the People’s Court and a nap (a nice treat!). I swear, I haven’t watched the People’s Court in years. It’s almost surreal to actually be home on a afternoon during the week and catch an episode of Maury or Oprah. Actually, I slept through Maury, so I didn’t get to see if the episode was about overweight babies or paternity results. Darn.

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