Ornament Thursday – Luck

The theme for this month (and the upcoming one) was luck. Not one to celebrate St. Paddy’s day, I struggled with this one a bit. I seriously don’t think I’ve owned a pendant, shirt, or home décor item for St. Patrick’s day…

After some thinking…I decided to whip up this fun pair of bangle bracelets to honor the day…the cool thing (or atleast I think so) is that once the day is through, you still have 3 very different bracelets that you can mix and match with other outfits.

lucky jewelry

Basically, this is what I did:

1. I used Americana paints in different shades of green and orange with a large flat brush to paint the outsides of my bracelets. When dry, I painted the insides with an alternating color. Let dry. On the penny bracelet and inside of the striped bracelet, I used Green craft twinkles to give it sparkle appeal.

2. For the green stripe bracelet, I wrapped shiny Rainbow Tape around it. This tape is really cool and stays really sticky. I actually got it at the CHA show and it is a wonderful product. I totally recommend it (it comes in lots of colors – shiny and matte).

3. For the penny bracelet, I simply used E-6000 glue to glue super shiny pennies heads up (of course, for luck!) in place.

4. For the lucky bracelet, I simply used a liner brush to paint on the four leaf clovers and the word lucky freehand. I added Craft twinkles afterward to give extra sparkle.

On a somewhat related “lucky” note, I’m a master at finding 4-leaf clovers. Well, that may be a bit of an exageration (It’s not like searching for them is a competition). Give me a field or yard of clovers and I can find one lickety split. It’s not really hard…you just have to focus and look. In high school gym class, when we went outside I would sit on the football field and look for them. Afterwards, I’d laminate them with tape and give them to my friends. I’m sure everyone thought I was the weirdo girl in class, but I didn’t care. I guess I’ve always been a bit random. People always seemed impressed by it.


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    Oh I love your bangle bracelets–so pretty and GREAT! I am glad I came over here–you did a great job! They are fun, hip and awesome!


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    I collect chunky bangles, but yours are superior! I see an Etsy item here…think of all of the ways you can make these! Love them! I’d also sport these in a heartbeat…great idea!

    I also am adept at this four leaf clover spotting…as is Hali…maybe we’ve got something here!


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    YAY for the 4-leaf clover finders! NOT weird at all–you’re in v. good company! 😉

    I LOVE the lucky pennies! What a great take on this month’s theme. If you find a penny on the street, do you leave it behind if it’s tails? Just curious–some people have a rule about that. 🙂 Hali

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    Love the bracelets and I’m so jealous of your 4-leaf clover skills!!!

    And to weigh in on the question–yes, I’m superstitious enough to leave a penny if it’s tails-up. Now if it was a $20, I’d probably blow on it until it turned heads-side up… (shoot, I’d do that for a $5!)

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    thanks everyone for the words of encouragement. A bangle of the month? Hmmm…now that’s a cool idea. Those bangles are in all the stores now!

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