My scrabulous addiction

As of late, I’ve been totally obsessed with Facebook’s Scrabulous application. I check back constantly to see if my online friend has made their move and to figure out what my next strategic play will be. I was never one to really get into Scrabble. That was always my oldest sis’s game and something I played with my Grandma when I was bored. But this version totally rocks, cause you can look up words in the dictionary automatically and place words down, even if they don’t seem to make a lotta sense. See, if they aren’t correct words, it will tell you and you scope out a new one. Yeah, I’m becoming an addict. I’m sure, in time, it will pass, just like me trying to think of clever Threadless slogans (it’s a lot harder than you might think to come up with one), or wasting my time on myspace.

I am 0-3 in my attempts to beat my friend Chris. He keeps playing the defense and blocking my moves. He’s also a little more clever of a linguist, so I have to stay sharp on my toes. Too bad my pop culture knowledge can’t be used in my favor in this game. Ah, well.

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