sunday rambling

I wish I could say I was uber productive this weekend and that I crafted to my heart’s content, but I did not. Mainly, I just slept.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Mainly head cold type stuff. Last night, I felt really down, turning into bed early, rather than hanging out with some out of town friends. I had actually seen them all day, anyway…it’s just not like me to turn down free food and good company.

I have been trying to organize my growing pile o’ crap. I have so much stuff! I desperately need to go through it all and toss out a bunch of useless stuff that is only taking up space. When I first moved to Lex 5 years or so ago, all my arts and craft stuff was contained in one big cardboard box. Now it takes up practically 2 rooms. I have accumulated so much stuff. I’ve got paint, scrapbook paper, stickers, bills, and so much more coming out my ears. I know I talk about this a lot and I don’t mean to be a total bore, but organization has never been my thing and it really stresses me out. I would like to be somewhat organized before I tackle a project, and not being organized makes me not want to do anything. I oftentimes am very overwhelmed by the process. I’m actually thinking of paying a friend to help me out in this area. She’s very good at consolidating and making me focus on it.

Onto other things, this week, I discovered Google Reader. It is so awesome! I’ve been hearing about RSS feeds and I’ve wanted to use one, but I just didn’t get it. Someone I met at the show, sent me a link to it, and I am very surprised at how easy it is to use. If you go to several blogs a day to see if they’ve been updated, this program is for you. It basically is an inbox for your blog…anytime a blog is posted, you will see it in your google reader inbox. It saves so much time going to all the various blogs you have bookmarked. If you haven’t gotten on the bandwagon, you have to right now!

I’m hoping that this upcoming week, I get to feeling better and get to be being more productive. Being sick just zaps me of my creativity. I don’t like feeling this way.

I was informed this past week, that the magazine I submit to, Creative Techniques is not going to be published anymore. It’s a big bummer to me as I’m sure it is to a lot of people. I guess it’s just not pulling in the numbers and ad revenue it needs to stay afloat. I think it is unfortunate, cause with all the digital crafting going on, it was a nice, somewhat non-scrappy mag that gave creative digital projects and techniques as well as relevant info. I think that this industry needs that type of publication, but maybe it was just ahead of it’s time. Maybe not enough people are ready to branch off the page. Oh, well…I’m off to look for new opportunities in other venues.

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