Thursday Night Ramblings

So, a big thanks to all the OT gals for all the nice comments yesterday. You guys rock…

OK, onto the Thursday show starring Alexa…

I have been a big Google Reader nerd as of late, and I came across a really cool site for doing fun stuff with your photos that kinda connects in with my flickr account. They have this time machine e-mail alert that sends you a series of your most interesting photos from a year back. It’s kinda weird to stop and look back sometimes, isn’t it? I mean, a year goes by pretty fast in the big scheme of things. Actually, I don’t know that I was super active on my flickr this time last year, cause I didn’t have a Pro account…you have to pay $24.95 a year to have unlimited photo uploads. For the sheer entertainment value it has provided me, as well as the networking and friend opportunities, that is a very small price to pay…anyway, here’s the link to the site I originally mentioned..Photojojo. They are having fun contests right now called Monday STinks, where you take a picture that sums up what you think of Monday and you post it to the contest thread. There’s also fun photo tips for processing, taking better photos, copyright, etc. That’s what I call a swell read.

And if you go there, you will notice their new entry on Photoshop Express making it’s way to the web. Now, everyone can turn up the volume on their photos. From what I’ve read, it is a very basic, user-friendly version of Photoshop that let’s you crop, rotate, and amp up your photos. It also has a direct feed to Facebook and stores your corrected photos in your very own gallery with your own URL. Oh, and it is free!

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