cool cubicle dividers and other stuff

OK, I’ve been lazy posting as of late, I’ll admit, but I just had to share this, which I found in Ty Pennington’s mag (I didn’t buy, just looked).
so freakin' cool 1

They are cardboard room dividers (very green friendly, btw). Now, I’m sure they would be easy to knock over, but they seem to be easy to construct. I suck at putting stuff together…It’s hard y’all.

It is from mioculture. And very reasonably priced…$56 for $24.

Onto other things, my dad is in town tonight…he has a meeting in downtown Lex for a state insurance thing. Well, he helped me put up a shelf and organize my computer workstation. It was really bad. He’s the king of organizing (and zip ties and bungee cords). I didn’t have bungee ties, so we used my version…ribbon. It looks so much better and my scanner actually has a shelf to sit on now…cha ching!

Well, off for bed. I gotta see if Pixie has come out of her hiding spot. She’s been under the bed all night…scared to come out to meet the visitor. Oh, Pixie.


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