IKEA Craziness

Went to IKEA today. So.much.fun. I got to hang out all day and last night with Molly, which is always fun and then Molly got the bright idea to call Katie (who lives in Covington) to see if she wanted to go along. She did and was free for the afternoon, so we headed out to the West Chester IKEA. This was my second IKEA experience. We ended spending around 4 hours there…just the right amount of time in my eyes. It’s amazing the ideas and things you want when going in that store. I’d love to really build my dream space, but right now, living in an apartment, it’s just not possible. Anyway, I think IKEA is so great, because it brings good, trend-driven design to the masses and everyone can benefit from the feel good that good design can bring. I ended up walking out with a new rug for my kitchen, some b/w striped wrapping paper, cute, colorful stacking boxes to store supplies in, picture frames to put some large pictures in that I plan on displaying at a local coffee shop, a small mirror I plan to make a craft out of, a laundry hamper, and a pillow. I didn’t end up getting a shelf that I was wanting, but I did spot a really cool, red metal locker one that I might have to go back and get. I need to seriously evaluate my space and needs for where I am at now and go from there…here’s some fun pics from our journey…

seeing red

working it


shopping companions


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    Thanks for waiting!!
    Told Molls I really wanted to go, but couldn’t because of school work. If you plan another trip up LET ME KNOW.

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    So I kept hearing about Ikea and finally made my way up to the San Francisco one with my fiance. Apparently Saturdays aren’t the best day to go because it was BUSY. We got lost in the racetrack and after circling a few times got right back out. I think I better try going again with my girls!! Sounds like your trip was successful!

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