Ornament Thursday – Motherhood

So, this month’s theme for Ornament Thursday is motherhood. I guess I always stray toward funky, fun, and colorful, so I thought I would do a belt buckle in the vain of those iconic Mother/Mom tattoos. I guess I’m not one to conform and I know my project is pretty loosely based, but I wanted to create a buckle I would be excited to wear and this is the result.

swell belt buckle
Here’s the link for the heart image
I left out the words, I figure that way,if you decide you would like to download the image, you can substitute in the word mom or word of your choice and use it for a buckle or another project (perhaps a fun sticker to adorn the back of a mother’s day card?)


Silver Oval Belt Buckle from HHH enterprises

Craft Twinkle writers in Red, Crystal, Lime Green, and Fuchsia from Decoart
large adhesive runner
Envirotex Lite
Multi-Purpose Sealer
Mixing cups and stick for Envirotex Lite
Computer with Photoshop and printer
small flat and liner brush

1. Download pattern from (I will link to this tomorrow). Open up in PhotoShop and modify and add in MOM text or whatever is desired (If you don’t want use Photoshop to add type, lightly sketch in letters with pencil and once satisfied, use black ball-point pin to fill and outline words).

2. Print out on cardstock to inkjet printer.

3. Carefully cut out with scissors around line.

4. Run adhesive runner over back of image to make a sticker. Adhere to front of belt buckle.

5. With small brush, cover entire exposed area with Multi-Purpose sealer. Let dry.

6. Use Craft Twinkle Writer in Red to outline around entire oval image. Let dry.

7. Once dry, go back in and fill in areas as follows with small brush: background; Orange, leaves; Lime Green, banner; Crystal, roses; Fuchsia. Let dry.

8. Mix up very small amount of Envirotex Lite according to directions. With small stick or toothpick, slowly add resin on top of image until entire image is covered. Let dry according to package directions.

9. Attach to belt and you’re finished!

I’ll post the links to the other ladies’ projects once I get the finalized links.


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